Surveillance Systems

  • Video Recorder
  • Security Cameras
  • Software & Apps
  • Lcd Monitor
  • Storage

Video Recorder

A Digital Video Recorder is a broad term for a device that records media footage or data on a digital format, like on a hard drive, like ones found in PC’s. A DVR looks like VCR’s, has all of the same and more features (recording, playback, fast forwarding, rewinding, and pausing) plus the ability to skip to any part without having to rewind or fast forward.


Security Cameras

CCTV cameras produce recordings or still images, and come in a few different options. Analog, Digital, or IP/network cameras. In addition to the signal type, security cameras come in different shapes, like a bullet, pinhole, or our favorite, the dome camera. What’s most important is the lens, you won’t believe the quality once we show you ours!


Software & Apps

After your new security camera system installation is complete, we will network your DVR and mobile devices, so you can monitor your business or assets anywhere in the world live. By using your smartphone, you now have eyes and ears onsite 24/7. We offer specialty support and training for all of our new customers with this amazing technology!


Lcd Monitor

Your system comes standard with one HD LCD monitor to be used for viewing and managing your system at the security system installation location. The monitor is the same as those you plug into the back of your PC via VGA or HDMI port. You can control the screen using the included mouse in your office on your installed DVR or NVR recorder.



We install your DVR system with a standard 500GB hard drive. This typically stores between 2 to 4 weeks of recordings, before it rewrites over the oldest recording once it runs out. If you desire longer recording storage times, we can easily double or triple the length of time by addition larger or additional hard drives, and even do backups too!


Video Security Overview

Access Control

Fort Knox Fire & Communications designed it’s world class Surveillance System package, including all that you need for your home or office. To familiarize yourself with your investment – review the equipment and technology specifications below. Or, Give Us a Call so we can help design a custom package for your home or business today, at 813-653-1605.

What’s included in a Video Surveillance package?

Fort Knox Fire & Communications designed it’s world class Surveillance System package to include everything you need for your home or business. For starters, you get 4 security cameras and an 8 or 16 Channel DVR with up-to 8 audio inputs. Depending on your business and property requirements, you may choose a variation of either indoor or outdoor security cameras, with many upgrades to fill any need.

This may include: a larger power supply box (standard for us is 18 channel), a larger hard drive (500GB – 4TB), or a larger LCD monitor which connects to the back of the DVR for onsite management in the office or storage closet.

How does the installation process work?

After choosing your equipment and having us complete a free customized equipment consultation at your location, we discuss financing and cash installation options. Typically on installation day the project is completed within 1 business day. We then network your CCTV system via ethernet to your router and setup your smartphones and PC’s/Mac’s for remote viewing. Your DVR will start recording via motion detection once all cameras and devices have passed test and inspections.

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