Access Control

Card Access

Restrict unwanted visitors in your office


Keep your most valuable assets hidden safely

Secured Doors

Set your doors to lock and unlock on a schedule

Emergency Alert

Get notified immediately after an intrusion

Secured Location

Detour break-in’s with air tight entrances

Remote Access

Login online anytime to change user permissions

Access Control

From residential homes to downtown towers, Fort Knox Fire door access control systems can control your points of interest in your Florida workplace. Phone, card access, video cameras, burglar alarms, photo I.D., fingerprint, guard shacks, and any other access control system. Our access control systems come with programmable software for ease of use. Pedestrian intruders, former employees, criminals, mentally unstable, with so many security possibilities surrounding your business or building, an electronic security solution that a Florida door access control company installs makes sense. An access control system helps you decide who enters the building on their own, who doesn’t, and at what times during the day and night.

Wireless Access Control

  • ProdataKey
  • Wireless
  • Network
  • Hybrid
  • Direct


Who is ProdataKey?

The ProdataKey Access Control Panel is designed to control hundreds of doors from connections that are made through the choice of “Pro Wireless”, “Network”, and “Direct communication”. The Panel is equipped with 3 forms of communication, and can even communicate with several controllers at the same time. The access system is smaller, has more power, and is one of the most versatile systems in the industry today, period! No PC needed! Just run the software on any PC within the same local network. Want to use your existing server or network infrastructure? No problem! Check out the VMware solution below.










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